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This is my first attempt at blogging,  what do I know? Not very much but I am bursting with things to share. I am actually not very comfortable talking about myself and my life, something perhaps that happens when you get older.  Blogs, aren't they all about voyeurism, a peephole into the lives of others. My life as it exists today, is about family.  My son is the center of all I do.  In fact it is why I do this, party printables. I honestly wouldn't have known much about party printables had it not been for seeking out decorations for his first birthday, A very hungry Caterpillar theme.  He had spent his first 3 months of life in the NICU at Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital, and the theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.   www.nycpartyprintables.com

 This party printable business started from of my love of parties, hosting an event brought me so much happiness and in life I am always the life of the party, the fun gal, the life of the party. I truly enjoy entertaining, a sorta Martha Stewart meets NYC with a slight urban edge. There aren't many boxes for a former CFO, train operator that grew up in Queens and now lives in the Bronx.    Game nights, camping nights, nothing like a good event to bring friends together, get everyone happy.  When I became a Mom, life changed for me, in ways that I can hardly even describe.  Not just loving someone but in a lot of different ways, I had at the time, End Stage Renal failure from Polycystic Kidney Disease, a premature baby who I was so worried about night and day and had just had a failed business. My bad fortune is always some how mixed with enough doses of good fortune and has strengthened my belief in the existence of karma. In 2014, I received a kidney transplant from my boyfriend, and decided it was time to go for what I really loved, to entertain, to have fun.  My son’s birthday parties were always the event of the year, big grand goody bags, lavish cakes, whatever it took to throw the most phenomenal party.  I had been buying party printables from Etsy buyers and oohing and awing at how well put together their parties were and knew that's how I wanted all my parties to be.  I realized that with a little effort, I could put together  are dally phenomenal profession looking picture and stage parties just like they did.  So really I am not unique in all this, certainly many can do this, what perhaps sets me apart is that I get real joy from a well executed party.   


However, over these last 5 months this business has taken a different attachment to me, this is my comeback story, my fight song, my take back my life song, all rolled into one.  Recently my transplant started to show signs of rejection, and if more than ever the fragility of life really impacted me it was then.  I had accomplished so much in my early twenties and with health, life, personal, business setbacks, I didn’t have that same fight and that same confidence, but when I was told abut the rejection and realized that they aren’t that many chances for me to get a life saving organ, again.  I decided that this was it. I am all in. This is how I will make my impact the world. David Tutera and the likes have  made empires out of event planning.  I have the same drive, skill, and probably greater love for life than most. I can use that to make this business, my story and my legacy to show my son that even in the face of tumultuous life trials you can succeed, persevere and once there is life, fight like hell. 

In the very near future will include being able to help that busy Mom set up her kids party, same professional personalized service but be able to go to her location and set up her party so it's fun and stress free.  I think we all know when we want an event to go so well, we run around frantically that we sometimes just can’t get it all done and the disappointment creates a sadness that should never be.  Every mom in my eye is a superhero, to give of your body and heart so easily and freely, who can be better? 



What I would love to be able to do next is to stage party setups using our printables. Same personalization, same look, just ready, coordinated and laid out.  Styled,  elegant and ready for you.  Too often we have all the great ideas and that is the number one comment I hear from Mms that they just dont know here to start.  admittedly I too was the same way, after 10pm house on Pinterest and every Mom blog, my head hurt and i was even more confused about how to get started.  

What/who inspires your designs?

I use a  combination of what I like, find tasteful, my son likes and what I think other kids like, the parties I attend with my son, and a lot of requests.  The designs take a long time to complete because in almost all ways I am full time mom more than full time business woman. I always have business in the back of my head but when the Boss man enters the room he doesn’t accept no for an answer.  I know that every big Holiday requires a party pack, someone is always having a party. I have been trying to bring as much variety and range into my designs.  I think that the personal side of the design is what will intimately have others decide to use it.  Coincidentally party printables aren’t as possible as one would think, busy working Moms are I think intimidated by a seemingly daunting task or perhaps think that it is too far out if their capabilities, and I just want to say to them, abolsutely no way, I can show you how to do this on a budget like no other.  I am the last bit crafty person out there, I learned about coupling and craft stores from Pinterest and utilize the heck out of them.  In fact my sons craft projects and I are very similar in skill set.  Theres absolutely nothing wrong with using inspiration from others especially since the reason so many people use Pinterest and other social media sites  is to willingly share their ideas with others. I love that and implore every mom to do as well.  There are some absolutely brilliant posts about parties and kid based projects that I take advantage of and can’t wait to do again.  

Do you and your family use your designs?

Yes, we absolutely use these designs, there are all personal and heartfelt. I treat all as though I would be using them for my son’s party or a friend or a relative.  They’re all personal and this project/business is such a reflection of me, I am genuinely excited to hear that someone will use one of my designs.  Its almost like a fashion designer who has a big celebrity use their gown at an award show.  You’re beaming as though its your childs first day at school and I do it literally every single time.  I love having people genuinely enthusiastic as I am about having a party.  I think every child, grownup whoever should have as many parties as possible. Its these big moments, these special events that define whether or how we enjoy our lives. Parties, get togethers, bbqs, potlucks, camping, eating out, we remember them, we laugh over pictures, spread joy and happiness, thats all we end up with in the end, great memories so I love being a part of helping others make those memories.