Superhero Birthday Party Invitation

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Calling all Superheroes! Calling all Superheroes! This vibrant horizontal formatted customized gender neutral birthday invite printable is the perfect affordable option for your favorite little SuperGirl or Batman!

This printable invite is 5x7 inches, and can be printed at home, or uploaded for printing at your favorite store, Walgreens, Costco, Walmart, etc.

Send me the information you'd like in each section, and I'll send you a customized version for you. The typical turn-around is 24-48 hours and the final upload format is a PDF download.

Your little ones will be happy to hand these out and invite everyone to their party, making Mom and Dad the real Superheroes!!! This retro style Birthday Party Invitation is also Unisex, how cool is that?

This invitation can be added to the entire 12 piece Birthday Party Pack.