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Who likes to party? Everyone does!!

I'm Gabrielle and this is my brain child. I got my inspiration from throwing my son's parties and knowing that I wanted something a lot more than the standard cookie cutter offerings from the big name stores. 

I loved the idea of personalizing my parties, using ribbons, a small amount of elbow grease, some glue and feeling proud when others ooohed and awwwed at my decorations.  This was for me an easy way to add taste, flair, pinterest brag worthiness and most of all, throw the most amazing party.  As a child we all spend the months and weeks leading up to our birthday, getting excited about the friends coming over, what we would eat and the fun we could have, things pretty much stay the same for adult parties too.

NYC is our home, the epitome of fun filled party mecca.  Our party packages offer you the chance to add that New York flair without the NYC price tag.